Inner wear
  1. Bralette internal wear: Choose a bralette with spaghetti straps and play off it with outfits top to discover the transparent texture and usher amorousness and charm. You can choose Bralette in the same color or contrasting colors to add layering and fashion.
  2. See-through underwear: Choose a see-through underclothes and pair it with a mesh tops off to create a mystical and sexy effect. You can choose underwear rich in fortify and inside information to add personality and artistic touch down to your outfit.

Trendy fashion: Mesh Top layering tips插图

Outer wear
  1. Off-the-shoulder outerwear: Choose an off-shoulder or semi-off-the-shoulder jacket and pair it with a interlock Top. Which tin not only when show off the transparent texture of the interlock Top. But also add together layering and style to the overall look. You can choose different styles of coats much as windbreakers and denim jackets. And play off them reported to the occasion and personal preferences.
  2. Short jacket or suit jacket: pick out a short jacket or suit jacket crown and pair it with an interlock top to add u a sense of formalness and casualness. You can choose a bright colour or patterned coat to undefined sharply with the transparent interlock top and attract the eye.


Embellishment of accessories
  1. Necklace: take a thin chain or pendent necklace and pair off it with the Mesh Top to some fancify and play up the make out line. Choose a necklace in a similar or different color to the interlock Top, depending on your personal style and occasion.
  2. Belt: pick out a widely or reduce belt and tie it exterior the interlock top off to stretch the proportions of the upper body and highlight the waist line. You can choose a belt with leather and rich details to add fashion and personality to your outfit.


Changes in occasion and style

Depending on the occasion and subjective style. The layering technique of Outfits top can be flexibly changed to create a variety of fashionable looks.

  1. Everyday unplanned style: Choose a loose interlock top and pair it with high-waisted jeans and canvass shoes for a relaxed and casual style. Add a denim jacket or sport coat for added practicality and style.
  2. Formal title in the workplace: Choose a well-tailored mesh top and pair it with a short blazer and high-waisted skirt or trousers for a smart yet stylish professional person look. You can choose plain-colored jackets and trousers to appear in the workplace with a simple yet graceful look.
  3. For dinner or formal occasions: Choose a mesh top with embroidery or cutout details and pair it with a high-waisted maxi skirt or slim-fitting dress pants for a classy so far sexy undefined look. You can add a reduce belt and exquisite accessories to enhance the overall look.
  4. Street fashion style: take a Outfits top with rich prints or patterns and pair it with let loose sweatpants. And sneakers to show a trendy street style. Add a denim jacket crown or blazer for added layering and personality.
  5. Party or club style: Choose a shiny or cutout Mesh Top. And pair off it with a high-waisted skirt or hot pants for a sexy. And eye-catching political party look. Add a pair of heels and sparkly accessories to make the search even more eye-catching.


Mesh Top’s layering techniques are versatile and can be transformed and innovated reported to different occasions and personal preferences. Through clever internal and outward wear, as well as suitable accessories and bottoms. You put up create multiple styles and images to show your personality and fashion sense. Whether it is daily casual, formal work, undefined occasions, street fashion or political party style. You tin usher your unique personality charm through the layering skills of Outfits top.


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