Design features of canvas and interlock splicing
  1. Material contrast: Canvas and interlock are two completely different materials that are spliced together to show a sharp contrast. poll is strong and rugged, while mesh is light and transparent. This material contrast brings visible impact and contrast, adding a unique visual effect to the Mesh Top.
  2. Texture changes: The different textures of canvas and mesh are to the highest degree vividly reflected in the splicing design. The rough texture of canvas and the easy texture of mesh create an interesting contrast, giving populate a tangible change. This change in texture adds layering and dimension to the interlock Top, qualification it richer and more interesting.
  3. Detailed decoration: The plan of canvas and mesh splicing is commonly accompanied by detailed decoration, such as lace, flower ornamentation or embroidery. These details not only add to the sophistication of the Mesh Top, but also enhance its uniqueness. The elaborated decoration plays a reconciliation and foiling role in the collision of canvas and mesh, making the overall design more perfect.

A wonderful fusion of style collisions: discover the way of stitching canvas and mesh with Mesh Top插图

Tips on how to unite canvas and mesh
  1. Color matching: The outfits top of canvas and interlock can be matched with color to achieve the best effect. You tin choose one or more bright colors for splice to show a sharply contrast. At the Saami time, you can also choose canvas and interlock of similar colors for splicing to create a soft and warm feeling. tinge matching skills wish involve the overall set up and visual impact of Mesh Top.
  2. Long and short splicing: The splicing design of canvas and mesh can be matched with different lengths. For example, you tin choose to splice a longer canvass vest with a shorter mesh top off to create a sense of layering and movement. You can also choose to splice a shorter poll top with a longer mesh border to usher elegance and femininity. By combining long and short splicing, different styles and stuffing effects can be created.
  3. Application of careful decoration: The outfits top of canvass and mesh can be decorated with details to add character. You can choose to add lace, embroidery or flower decoration to the poll part, and the marvelous fusion and unique style of the interlock Top, which adds poll and interlock splicing, has attracted the tending and love of many fashion lovers. Here are some tips and inspiration on how to cleverly use canvas and mesh splicing:
  4. Create contrast: pickings advantage of the contrasting effect of poll and mesh, it put up be spliced in unusual parts of the Mesh Top, such as chest, cuffs or hem, etc. through and through the form of contrast, the texture and characteristics of different parts are highlighted to make a unique dressing effect.


Application of layering:

The splice of canvas and mesh can create a multi-layered effect. By layering different parts of poll and mesh, you can create a sense of layering and three-dimensionality. For example, splicing mesh on the chest and canvas on the hem can produce a sense of social movement and flow.


Contrasting tinge matching:

Using the Mesh top off spliced with canvas and mesh, you put up choose a contrasting color duplicate method to create a strong visual impact. For example, choose an interlock top with canvas as the main color, and then use acutely mesh at the seams to create a different color effect.


To sum up, the canvass and interlock Outfits top has emerged in the fashion earth and attracted people’s attention with its unique plan and style. through and through the clever use of dressing skills and inspiration, you put up create a distinctive, smart and avant-garde dressing effect. The wonderful fusion of canvass and interlock Mesh Top will continue to lead the fashion trend and bring more dressing possibilities to fashion lovers.

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