Design concept: breaking through the orthodox girdle concept
  • Emphasizing the beauty of the waist line: The plan concept of the transparent belt out breaks through the traditional waist undefined concept and focuses on highlight the beauty of the waist line. Through transparent materials and special designs, obvious belts tin focus aid on the waist without covering the waist, highlight the curvaceous beauty and undefined of the female body. The application of this design conception makes the mesh top off and transparent belt complement each other, qualification the boilers suit looks chicer and sexier.
  • Integrating a feel of Bodoni technology: The transparent belt out design incorporates a sense of Bodoni technology, based on innovative materials and technology. The use of transparent materials, such as polyurethane, plastic, etc., makes the belt appear light and transparent, giving populate a sense of fashion and technology. At the Same time, through the utilize of 3D printing, laser thinning and strange technologies, various unique textures and patterns can be created on the transparent belt, qualification it more creator and modern.

Transparent belt design: a fashion trend that adds unique charm to mesh tops插图

Material selection: balance of transparency and comfort
  • Polyurethane material: Polyurethane is a common obvious belt out material. It has good transparence and easy texture, and can perfectly show the beauty of the waistline line. The transparent belt successful of polyurethan is soft to match with various mesh tops, has a comfortable wear sense and can exert stability at the waist.
  • Plastic material: Transparent belt out designs made of impressible material are often secondhand to create a fashionable street fighter look. Its hard texture and transparent characteristics put up add a touch down of futuristic fashion matter to the outfits top. At the same time, the pliant transparent belt is also durable and can withstand the test of daily wear.
  • Crystal and bead decoration: In transparent belt design, watch crystal and bead decoration is also a common choice. By inlaying crystals or beads on an obvious belt, you tin add gorgeousness and an unusual glossy effect to the belt. This decoration not only adds a sense of luxury to the overall form of the mesh top, but besides makes the boilers suit form more refined and eye-catching.


Style matching: usher fashion personality
  • Fresh and elegant: The ne combination of transparent belt out and mesh top can show elegant temperament. Choose soft colors, such as light pink, light blue, etc., and match them with an obvious belt out to create a soft and fresh feeling. opposite with a high-waisted skirt or wide-leg pants, it put up usher off a slender waistline while highlight a woman’s elegance and confidence.
  • Bold and avant-garde: The boldface combination of an obvious belt and a outfits top can show an avant-garde personality. take bright colors, much as red, purple, etc., and play off them with a mesh top off with geometric patterns or complex cuts to create a fashionable and avant-garde look. Paired with a pair off of high-waisted shorts or tights, it can show dispatch a cool waist wind piece highlighting a woman’s independency and individuality.
  • Retro romance: The ex post facto combination of a transparent belt and mesh top can show a romanticist atmosphere. take a outfits top off with a retro floral pattern and pair off it with a loose yearn skirt or A-line skirt to show off your romantic waist line. Adding some watch glass or bead decorations to the belt tin add a touch of opulence and highlight a woman’s femininity and romance.


The obvious belt design adds unique undefined and fashion trend to the interlock top. through and through the breakthrough of design concept, the selection of materials and the whippy use of styling, the transparent belt design gives the mesh top more fashion personality and artistic sense. Whether it is fresh and elegant, bold and avant-garde or ex post facto and romantic, the transparent belt out design put up show different styles of fashion charm. Let us follow this fashion trend collectively and show our unique personality and charm.

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