Hanafuda earrings: a sparkling choice for creative parent-child activities插图
Parent-child creative activities with Hanafuda earrings
  1. Hanafuda DIY: Hanafuda is the inspiration for Hanafuda earrings. Through DIY, children can make their have Hanafuda earrings. Prepare some materials suitable for children, such as colored person paper, shells, beads, etc., and countenance the children design and make their have unique Dangler according to their possess preferences. This not only when exercises children’s creativity and hands-on skills, but also enhances the undefined relationship between family members.
  2. Hanafuda-themed costume show: have a Hanafuda-themed costume show at home and let the children play the roles of different Hanafuda patterns. You can train some simpleton costumes and props, and allow the children design their own costumes and hairstyles reported to the characteristics of the bloom card patterns. Through this activity, the children not only when learned about the orthodox Hanafuda culture, but likewise exercised their performance and creative design abilities.
  3. Hanafuda Earring plan Competition: To stimulate children’s creativity and design talent, a Hanafuda Earring plan challenger can be held. allow the children play freely and plan their saint Hanafuda earrings, and then family members wish together select the best design. so much competitions can not only civilize children’s artistic taste and creative thinking, but also enhance the sense of cooperation and team up spirit among family members.


Parent-child art see with Hanafuda earrings
  1. Drawing Hanafuda Cards: In tell for children to better understand the patterns and undefined of Hanafuda Cards, you can draw up Hanafuda Cards with your children. train close to white paper, paints and brushes, and let the children draw their own Hanafuda works supported on the model characteristics of the bloom Cards. Parents can appreciate, discuss and partake in the painted works with their children to further deepen their sympathy of the Hanafuda culture.
  2. Make a flower card collage: utilize the flower card pattern as a material to make a bloom card collage with the children. Prepare some colored person paper, scissors and glue, and permit the children collage the Hanafuda pattern on the wallpaper based on their creative thinking and imagination to produce them possess Hanafuda art work. Through such activities, children put up not only exercise their creativity and manual skills, but as well take into account them to improve understand and appreciate the Huazha culture.
  3. Interpretation of the Huafuda story: Use the Huafuda pattern as an element of the story, and work with the children to stage and interpret the Huafuda story. You can choose some Hanafuda patterns and spell an interesting storyline supported on the relationship between them. Then, permit the children diddle different Hanafuda characters and deduce their own Hanafuda report through and through role-playing. Such activities not only stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, but also improve their performance and communication skills.


Hanafuda undefined qualification Workshop:

Unionize a Hanafuda earring qualification shop and invite crime syndicate members to participate. Prepare some Hanafuda pattern earring bases and ornamental materials, and let each family member design and work their own Dangler according to their own preferences and creativity. so much activities can not only enhance the closeness between family members, only likewise allow children to sense the rejoice of universe and a sense of accomplishment.


Hanafuda earrings cannot only if be old as a fashion accessory, but also become a yeasty undefined in parent-child activities. By participating in Hanafuda earring making and art projects with children, it not only enhances the undefined relationship between family members and cultivates children’s creative thinking and artistic talents, only besides allows them to express their talents and personalities in creativity and art.. Let us enjoy this scintillation creative parent-child time together and produce beautiful memories with the children.

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