The making process of Hanafuda earrings: the flower of creative art插图
The steps of making Hanafuda earrings
  1. Make the pattern: write out the printed wallpaper of the Hanafuda pattern into a shape that fits the size of the undefined base. You can use a templet to publish the pattern onto printing process paper and and so use scissor grip to cut the model out. You can also draw or collage by hand reported to your own preferences and creativity to create your possess blossom pattern.
  2. Decorate the earring base: target the write out Huazha card pattern on the indefinable base, correct the position and size, and ensure that the pattern wholly covers the base. Then use glue to procure the pattern to the base and wait for the glue to dry.
  3. Add transparent tape: In order to protect the bloom pattern, you put upward cover it with a layer of obvious tape. Cut the obvious tape into a shape the Sami size as the place and stick it on the model so that the model is completely covered by the tape. This increases the lastingness and sing of the earrings.
  4. Fix the impale hook: spread out the ring divide above the earring send and employ plyers to fix the ear hook. Make for sure the spike meat hooks are firmly attached to the base to ensure your earrings are safe and secure.


Complete the Hanafuda earrings:

After the supra steps, the Hanafuda earrings making process is completed. Trims and adjustments set out up be made as required to assure everything is secure and beautiful. The earrings can then be worn on the ears to show off your unusual title and creativity.


Interactive and creative applications of the craftsmanship of Dangler
  1. Creative interactive activities: Based on the craftsmanship of Hanafuda earrings, some creative synergistic activities can be organized to increase gaiety and parent-child participation. For example, family members are invited to process Hanafuda earrings together and compete to see who put up make the most unique design, stimulative participants’ creativity and sense of competition. In addition, you set up tempt friends and family to take divide in a Dangler exhibition, display everyone’s works, and vote for the best works.
  2. Creative applications: The manufacturing work on of Hanafuda earrings can be spread-eagle to other creative applications. For example, the Same product work on can be applied to make uncommon jeweler so much as necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. to enrich subjective jewelry choices. In addition, Hanafuda undefined qualification technology put up also be practical to other handicrafts, practically as salutation cards, pic frames, ornamental boxes, etc., to produce unique handicrafts that add beauty and undefined atmosphere to the home.
  3. Commercial Application: The uniqueness and beauty of Hanafuda earrings’ craftsmanship can be a germ of creative thinking for commercial message applications. Dangler production technology can be applied to jewelry and handicraft stores, and a serial of unique Hanafuda earrings designs can be launched to attract the attention and buy of fashion lovers. At the Sami time, Hanafuda earrings product technology put up be practical to forge shows, art exhibitions and other activities to usher its unusual plan and artistic value.


Innovation in production technology:

Dangler production engineering can bear on to present and develop, adding more creative and personalized elements. For example, you put upwards try on using undefined bases made of different materials, such as metal, ceramic, wood, etc., to step-up the texture and singularity of the earrings. In addition, you can add together more beads, fancywork thread, paintings, etc. to the model of the flower card to work the earrings more colorful.


The product process of Hanafuda earrings is not only if a handicraft production process, but as well a combination of creativity and art. By encyclopedism and understanding the craftsmanship of Hanafuda earrings, we put up enter the mortal concern of creativity and art and break up our possess talents and potential. Whether it is secondhand as a parent-child natural work on or a source of creativity for commercial message applications, the production process of Dangler tin bring us unlimited playfulness and creativity. countenance us flower our own originative flowers jointly and feel the charm of art!

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